Sunbeam Electric Blankets: History

1983: a Sunbeam engineer warned the company that the blanket’s circuitry was unreliable and could result in as many as fiveElectric Blanket With Burns hundred fires a year.When you purchase a product, you expect it to work well and not to endanger you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. Some products have a history of endangering the health and, sadly, even the lives of consumers. The Sunbeam electric blanket is one such device. Concerns about the product are a matter of public record dating as far back as the 1980s.

  • 1995: the Consumer Product Safety Commission began investigating Sunbeam electric blankets.

  • Late 1990s: Sunbeam received over 1500 complaints each year regarding fires caused by their electric blankets.

  • 1999: ABC’s 20/20 news program ran an exposé on Sunbeam electric blankets.

Personal injury lawyers have worked hard to help victims recover payments from the manufacturers of this dangerous product in order to help them pay for their long and grueling recoveries.

Recent Sunbeam Electric Blanket Issues

Sadly, complaints about Sunbeam electric blankets continue even up till this year, and people are still being hurt by fires. Here are a few more recent examples:

  • In December of 2005 a king-sized Sunbeam electric blanket caught fire, resulting in “fire damage … to master bedroom, with smoke and water damage to house.”

  • In 2008 a queen-sized Sunbeam electric blanket caught fire, burning a woman’s hand and resulting in damage to her mattress.

  • Also in 2008 an elderly woman received burns over thirty-five percent of her body from a fire in her bed; a jury later determined that her Sunbeam electric blanket played a role in the fire.

  • In March 2011 a Sunbeam electric blanket used by a woman in Illinois caught fire “suddenly and without warning,” resulting in burns to the victim and damage to her property.

  • And as recently as February 2013, a man uploaded a video on YouTube delineating his experience with a Sunbeam electric blanket fire: “Earlier this morning, I awoke to my dog barking in my smoke filled bedroom. As I flipped the blankets back and jumped to my feet, hot plastic from my blanket stuck to my arm. My … Sunbeam electric blanket that I had used for years had malfunctioned while I slept.”

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