Protecting Your House

Fires are disastrous and threaten the things nearest and dearest to your heart. House fires can be especially devastating and Electric Blanket Burnedcause long-lasting heartache and ruin. While no one wants to think fire could happen to them, it is important to think through possible fire scenarios and what things would be most important to save in case of fire. Listing the things that are important to you can help you recognize potential dangers and steps you need to take make your home more fireproof. So, what are the things of importance in your home?

  • Your spouse

  • Your kids

  • Your pets

  • Prized possessions

  • Important documents

Once you have made a list, start to consider what could make each item or person on your list less vulnerable to house fires. A few small steps of prevention can go a long ways toward ensuring those important things stay safe.

A Few Do’s

Use the following list to get you started with ideas for fireproofing your home, then add your own ideas as you go along:

  • Check Fire and Smoke Alarms – Change batteries regularly. Put it on a schedule. Test them regularly.

  • Check Electrical Cords – Go throughout your house and check all the wires. Repair or discard any electrical appliances with faulty cords.

  • Invest in Fire Resistant Flooring – Many wool and synthetic carpets spread fire quickly. Consider replacing these carpets with fire resistant carpeting and tile.

  • Fireproof the Furniture – Many new pieces of furniture are coated to improve fire resistance. This gives you more time to get valuables out of the house before sofas and other furniture burst into flames.

  • Keep Fire Extinguishers – Purchase and strategically place fire extinguishers in key places. Check the ratings. An “ABC” extinguisher is more versatile for a variety of fires.

  • Make a Fire Escape Plan – Using a plan of your house, designate specific escape routes for all members of your household. Knowing the best way out can help save lives.

A Few Don’ts

Knowing the things to avoid is almost as important as knowing what to do in preventing house fires caused by electric heating pads or blankets.

  • Don’t Neglect the Furnace – If your home has a furnace, make sure it is maintained regularly. Change filters regularly and follow any other recommended maintenance. Your source of comfort should not become a source of danger.

  • Don’t Overload Electrical Wires – Power strips are nice, but plugging in too many items in one place can lead to overheating. In addition, make sure never to overload a circuit by placing large appliances on a circuit with a small breaker.

  • Don’t Leave Candles Burning – Candlelight is lovely, and scented candles are wonderful, but do not make the mistake of leaving them burning unattended. Candles that burn low can cause a fire threat, or a pet may knock over a burning candle, inadvertently causing a fire.

Preventing a fire is always the wisest move, but if you end up with a fire and need help dealing with the aftermath, then call the McLaughlin Law Firm, We can help you decide whether manufacturer negligence was to blame for your fire. Call (720) 420-9800 or send us a note today.