6 Qualities Your Electric Blanket Fire Lawyer Should Possess (Pt. 2)

As a continuation of 6 Qualities Your Electric Blanket Fire Lawyer Should Possess (Pt. 1), here are a few more qualities that are important to look for when you are preparing to hire an attorney after an electric blanket fire.

Quality 3: An Untarnished Record with the State Bar AssociationJustice Statue

In addition to having the appropriate experience, as discussed in the first part of this blog, your lawyer should also have an impeccable record with the state bar association.

In fact, when you are considering a few different options for lawyers, taking the extra step of checking their records with the state bar association can be critical to helping you find out whether there may be any serious issues with a particular lawyer (or, alternatively, whether an attorney has been upfront with you about his or her experience and credentials).

Quality 4: Positive Reviews and Feedback from Former Clients

Once you have determined that a lawyer has the experience you need and the credentials you can trust, make sure you take some time to read up on reviews, feedback and testimonials that former clients have written about that attorney. This type of feedback can be critical to informing you about what you can expect if you choose to move forward with a particular attorney.

For example, you can specifically find out if a particular lawyer will:

  • Be honest about the progress of your case
  • Promptly return your emails and phone calls
  • Be available when you need help or information
  • Ultimately be a good choice for your sensitive legal matters.

Be sure to look for the last part of this blog for some final tips regarding what to look for when you are in the process of hiring an electric blanket fire lawyer to defend your rights.

Electric Blanket Fire Attorneys at the Law Office of John Gehlhausen

In the aftermath of an electric blanket fire, victims may overwhelmed and anxious, especially if they have suffered any injuries or if their home has been damaged. While they may have insurance that they expect with cover such injuries, losses and damages, insurance companies are often not looking out for victims’ best interests and, instead, are looking to save their own profits and bottom lines. In such cases, victims will need an aggressive, experienced advocate who can help them obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

Have you or a loved one suffered a personal injury or any type of property loss due to an electric blanket fire? If so, it’s essential that you contact and work with an experienced electric blanket fire attorney who will defend your rights and help you secure the maximum possible compensation you deserve. For more information about your legal rights and to receive professional advice regarding your case, please call the Law Office of John Gehlhausen at 720-542-7885 or email us—we can help!